Russell T Davies vs Steven Moffat o cuando dos nerds se enfrentan


Cuando dos nerds y buenos amigos discuten sobre las cosas más ridículas de su programa de televisión favorito muchas cosas pueden pasar. Pero cuando esos dos nerds son Russell T Davies y Steven Moffat se vuelve épico.

Hace algunas semanas Moffat escribía en Doctor Who Magazine sobre la supuesta bigamia del Doctor al considerar sus varias esposas, uno de sus argumentos en contra era que el matrimonio con la reina Isabel I no cuenta, pues este nunca se consumó ya que el Doctor huye inmediatamente después de la boda.

Ante esto un “indignado” Davies escribe: “cómo que no se consumó, en The End of Time el Doctor claramente menciona que el apodo de la reina ya no cuenta (Isabel I es conocida como la reina virgen)”.

Luego un más “indignado” Moffat responde: “Presta atención Russell, nunca dije que la relación no se consumó. Dije que el matrimonio no se consumó” y luego le recrimina los seis, siete, episodios que escribió para Davies y este aún no se digna a escribir uno para él.

Aquí está el intercambio completo, la verdad genial:

Russell T Davies:

“I love your list in DWM 482 of the Doctor’s many wives. Did you ever think we’d be having that conversation, 10 years ago? But… what’s this? His marriage to Queen Elizabeth the First was unconsummated? But, but, but… in The End of Time Part One, the Tenth Doctor arrives on the Ood-Sphere to greet his old friend Ood Sigma with the words, “Got married. That was a mistake. Good Queen Bess. And let me tell you, her nickname is no longer… ahem.” So, what does that mean, boss? What can it possibly mean?? Steven, what does it MEAN??? Thank you.”

Y la respuesta de Steven Moffat:

“Oh for God’s sake, PAY ATTENTION. You’ve gone soft up there in Manchester. Practically tofu, I’d say. Probably all that lazing about, never writing any episodes for me, even though I wrote six for you. Yes, SIX. Actually, no, SEVEN. Time Crash counts too – and it was for charity. But never mind, oh no, I’ll just type on and on and neglect my children, that’s fine!
Okay, the facts. I said the marriage was unconsummated – and so it was. You saw for yourself in The Day of the Doctor – he ran straight off after the ceremony. Would we have put that on television if it wasn’t true? But I never said – not once, not ever – that the relationship was unconsummated!”
“Yes, Russell! I went there. Even as you gasp and clutch the furniture for support, I am writing in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, about pre-marital shenanigans! I realise you’ve probably never heard of such unsanctified naughtiness – glancing at your resume, I see you write mainly about fruit and veg for Channel 4 – but it does go on, you know. Well, outside of Manchester. So there you are. You may sleep again. The Doctor’s boast in The End of Time (oh, and thanks for that title, just before I took over) and my statement that his marriage to Elizabeth was unconsummated are in no way contradictory. True fact! Accept my True Fact. Back away in shame at your wrongness. Actually, write me a story, and we’ll say no more about it.”

Esperemos que la respuesta de Davies no sea otra que finalmente escribir un episodio.

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